About Mehspot

MehSpot is a web-based directory to help you meet new people and find services in your own community. Our website allows you to connect with others in a fluid way and allow you to support each other and grow our community, and in turn to better manage your hectic schedule and improve everyone’s social life.

On MehSpot, you identify yourself with our different “badges”. You can pick from a variety of badges such as our “fitness” badge, “hobby” badge, “babysitter” badge, and much more. Once you have your badges, you can find others with similar interests.

Humans are social beings. We believe everyone should connect with others who share common interests. Unfortunately, too many rely on television to pass the time and find it easier to surf the web rather than make time to socialize in person. One of our most fundamental needs-- doing activities with others-- is often not met.

We created MehSpot to help people connect face-to-face. When life changes, whether is moving to a new city, having a new baby, or becoming an empty nester, MehSpot is here make the transition easier. Life has so much to offer, and no one should be alone in the journey. Let Mehspot connect you and help you make the best of it!

Want to make life interesting? Live, Love, Laugh, and Learn. Let MehSpot connect you.