How to Be a Babysitter on Mehspot

Register as a babysitter

After you signed up as a Mehspot user, sign up for the babysitter badges. The badges are listed on the User Landing Page. You can following the links in the Badge Panel to register. Alternatively, you can use the badge menu to find the babysitter badge.

After clicking "Sign up as babysitter", fill out the form below. If you don't see your subdivision in the list, you can go ahead and add a subdivision. Make sure to read the safety note to the right of the form. You can turn off the badge if you would like to take a break from babysitting and turn it back on when you are ready to work again.

How Do Mehspot Users Find You?

After a mehspot user is registered as a babysitter employer, they can search for the babysitter.

In the search result,
  • You can view someone's profile, like them or recommend them.
  • Message them and see if you are a good match
  • they can also create a group and you as a group member.

This what the babysitter employer see. If you have a certification and have a recommendation from an Elite member, your chance of getting hired will be much higher. Please email to get an recommendation from an elite member.

How to communicate with the babysitter employer

When the babysitter employer message you, you will be able to see it in you email account. You can go to the Message Board by click on the green message icon next to "Help".

Once you click on the message icon, you will see who has messaged you.

Once you click on the username, you will be able to chat with the user.

You can also click on the badge next to the username and find out the user's babysitter employer badge profile.

More advanced features

The employer can use the group and event feature to connect with you. They can add several babysitters whom they trust to be in their group. Then they can schedule an event. Once the event is scheduled, they can pick from those who are available. The site will take everyone through the process.