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How does Mehspot help you?

Mehspot is a site for families in the suburbs and in the cities. Families can use it to find friends, tennis/golf/workout buddies to enjoy social activities. Families can also search for babysitters, pet sitters, tutors and other part time helpers. It is an organized directory where you can search by specifying your search criteria.

Mobile apps enable you to search and chat on the go!

Meet the Smith family!

They recently moved to South City. They have a boy who is three years old and a golden retriever. They would love to be able to connect with people in nearby neighborhoods to enjoy different social activities. Mr. Smith loves to play tennis. Mrs. Smith would love to find someone to workout with. They also want to find playmates for their little boy. On, Mr. Smith signed up for the Friendship badge and the Tennis badge. Mrs. Smith signed up for the Workout Partner badge.

After searching on the site, they found another family who has a similar family structure and interests, and they became good friends. Each of them also was able to connect with a few people to play tennis and workout with, all from nearby neighborhoods. They also use the site to find babysitters, pet sitters, and someone to cut the grass for them. Mehspot is their family’s helper that makes their life easier and fun!